Export System
Step 1 : Send us a request
     You can place orders for a vehicle by using "Inquiry Form" and writing down specific details with your maximum budget (FOB price).
Step 2 : Submit an estimate and car details
     We will provide below detailed information upon receipt of your request;

  • List of candidate car/cars to match your request
  • Estimate of costs 'Proforma Invoice'
  • Auction Inspection sheet (In English)
  • Bidding starting price
  • Photos (available ones)
Step 3 : Deposit Payment
     If you agree and would like to continue to purchase the car, we require a deposit of "100,000 YEN" by Telegraphic Transfer (TT).

     Please remit deposit to our bank account and send us copy of transfer. This deposit will be refundable if no purchase occurs. We need to confirm your deposit transfer before the auction bidding starts.
Step 4 : Bidding in Auction and Purchase
     We will enter the auction and bid at real time to your maximum budget.

   Maximum budget will be in form of FOB (free on board) i.e Price of car + Costs including service charges and transportation to port.

     As soon auction finishes, we will send the result of bidding.
     For successful bidding and purchase of car,an invoice will follow explaining all charges and due amount deducting your deposit.

     We will conduct inspection of car for major faults inside / outside.

     Inside / outside photos of car will also be sent by email.
Step 5 : Full Payment and Export Process

     Full payment for CIF (Cost-Insurance-Freight) is required within 5 days of car purchase. Please remit full invoice amount by Telegraphic Transfer.

     Failure to pay full amount or cancellation of successful bid will cause deposit amount to be used to cover our losses.

     After confirmation of Telegraphic Transfer , we will start export process to your destination.

The procedures will be as;
  • Deregistration from Japan Traffic
  • Export certificate
  • Japan Customs Clearance
  • Transportation to shipping port (Bonded storage area)

    Note: We will need name of Consignee and Adress in your destination to prepare above documents.
Step 6 : Shipment of Vehicle
      Earliest RO-RO or Container ship will be reserved to your destination We will send "Sailing Route Schedule" Marine Insurance will be arranged in case of total damage or loss.

     After ship departs from Japan port, we will send below by express mail;
  • Bill of Lading
  • Export Certificate
  • Original Invoice
  • Other documents such as maintenance records
      Finally, vehicle arriving at your destination and customs clearance and import duties and taxes from your side.

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